Al-Ko jumbo 800 composter

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Цена без НДС
1 508 913 BYN
350 PLN


КатегорияOther groundcare machine
Марка / модельAl-Ko jumbo 800 composter
Страна местонахождения


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Цена без НДС1 508 913 BYN  (350 PLN)
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Складской номер100863
Масса16 кг
Дополнительная информация Trends are changing, once a man ran away from the countryside to the city, moving to a block of flats and forgetting about his own beds and garden care.
Currently, however, we are looking for a piece of our green garden, more and more of us have gardens and allotments. Even the smallest ones have, at least a few beds, and are lined with a beautiful lawn.
And here is a dilemma - what to do with the mowed grass
? Where to throw a bucket full of weeds after weeding? How to use the plant parts left over from the harvest? How to use leftover vegetables after preparing vegetable soup? How to naturally
and economically fertilize
our flower beds
In a word, we go back to the roots, the answer is - a composter! Certainly, some of us remember the makeshift boxes or sometimes a separate piece of land that was intended for the composter
at our grandmothers or parents. Of course, most often these were some remote corners of the garden or plots of land, hidden so that neither the view nor the smell of the composter
would disturb anyone.
Currently, the composter
has become a trend, there is a fashion for a home composter
, into which we will be happy to throw banana peel, weeds, coffee grounds, egg shells, mowed grass and leaves. Composters
have become an aesthetic element of the garden, without spoiling its beautiful appearance and not disturbing our rest by the sight of decaying remains.
was made of recycled material, which is valuable information at a time when caring for the environment becomes not only a fashion, but a priority. The K 390 model has a ventilation system that facilitates and accelerates the entire composting process.
It has a capacity of 800 L, so it is enough to become a decent garden composter
. It weighs only 16 kg, the size of the base is 125 cm x 110 cm and the height is 110 cm. So it will not take up much space, thanks to the black color it will fit into a corner of the garden.
It has a simple structure, thanks to the hexagonal shape, we can refill it evenly, easy removal of the compost
will improve the process of emptying it in order to fill the garden with raw material from our own composter
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