Al-Ko premium 520 sp-b petrol lawn mower

Цена без НДС
11 137 325 BYN
2 449 PLN
Цена без НДС
11 137 325 BYN
2 449 PLN
КатегорияOther groundcare machine
Марка / модельAl-Ko premium 520 sp-b petrol lawn mower
Страна местонахождения
Mascus IDFA1A88CB
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Цена без НДС11 137 325 BYN  (2 449 PLN)
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Складской номер119967
Дополнительная информация AL-KO mowers
are, above all, exceptional durability and quality
. They are equipped with new technologies
ensuring excellent performance
. They are suitable for both beginners
and advanced
gardeners, each machine allows for comfortable
work and perfect cutting
. A wide range of models allows you to find the perfect one, just for your garden. The Premium series
boasts efficient engines
, allowing for effective mowing
, and the 4 in 1
function allows you to individually adjust the working method to your needs.
The AL-KO Premium 520 SP-B
petrol mower
is equipped with a powerful
and reliable
B&S 650 EXI
combustion engine with a power of 2.4
kW and a capacity of 163 cm3 . The cutting width of this model is 51 cm and the cutting height
is centrally adjustable in 7 levels
. You can set it on a scale from 30 mm to 80 mm. The aerodynamic sheet steel housing with MaxAirflow technology
allows grass clippings to pass through the tall housing to the rear of the grass catcher. So you don't have to empty the 70-liter container
with a basket full indicator so often.
For better comfort, the mower is equipped with a handle with a soft grip and the possibility of adjusting the height of the handle.
That's not all! The AL-KO Premium 520 SP-B
mower has 4
-in-1 functions - what does it mean for you? You can choose
what you want to do with the mowed grass. If you want to mow quickly, you can choose the option of throwing the swath to the side or to the rear
. However, if you prefer perfect cleanliness, you can choose the function of collecting the
cut grass into a large, 70 L basket
. A very interesting and increasingly popular method is the mulching
option with the use of a plug. The grass fragments are kept under the deck
and shredded, and then thrown with great air force onto the lawn. The grass decomposes over time, which is a natural fertilizer
and fertilizes the soil
The AL-KO company cares about your comfort! The advantage is the robust steel housing
ergonomic shape, thanks to which narrow alleys are not a problem. The mower has large 200/280 mm
rear-wheel drive wheels
to protect the grass but also provide a better track. On the other hand, the wheels equipped with ball bearings
ensure trouble-free movement on uneven surfaces. An additional advantage is the possibility of folding the mower, storing it vertically, as well as a handle
placed on the front, which will make it easier to carry the mower to the right place. The innovative system with EasyClick
guide rails will allow you to easily remove and install the grass catcher.
Are you looking for a petrol lawn mower with a smaller engine? Be sure to see the AL-KO Comfort 51.0 SP-A model S.C. Wojciech i Miłosz Początek

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