cordless chainsaw al-ko cs 1825 18 v comfort bosch

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Цена без НДС
2 352 407 BYN
546 PLN


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Марка / модельcordless chainsaw al-ko cs 1825 18 v comfort bosch
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Цена без НДС2 352 407 BYN  (546 PLN)
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Дополнительная информация The series of AL-KO
Bosch 18 V Home and Garden products was created with a universal approach in mind, one device and so many possibilities. AL-KO
garden tools are, above all, exceptional durability and quality. They are equipped with new technologies ensuring excellent performance. They are suitable for both beginners and advanced gardeners, each machine allows for comfortable work and a perfect end result.
18 V Home & Garden
cordless tools are the perfect solution if you like multifunctionality, and if you like convenience and comfort of work, your priority is the priority. Thanks to the Bosch 18 V Home & Garden
system, you can work at home or in the garden without the need for electricity or gas. All you need is a battery and a charger from the Bosch 18 V Home & Garden
system group, which are compatible with all devices of this series - regardless of the manufacturer of the device itself.
The CS 1825 AL-KO 18 V cordless chainsaw
is an invaluable partner in all kinds of gardening work. The product is characterized by high cutting efficiency and great freedom of movement and, additionally, emission-free and quiet operation.
This interesting machine has an easy-to-use construction and is light, which makes working with it comfortable and easy. Battery power allows for comfortable work without disturbing cables or the need to refill fuel.
The AL-KO cordless chainsaw
is equipped with a powerful electric motor driven by a Bosch 18 V Home & Garden series battery, which allows for quiet and environmentally friendly operation compared to petrol chainsaws.
This AL-KO CS 1825 18V
cordless cutter has a cutting length of 25 cm, while the sturdy and durable Oregon guide bar will ensure you work quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the battery power supply, we have the option of emission-free operation, regardless of the availability of the electricity network. Automatic chain lubrication, oil reservoir and quick chain or guide bar tensioning system. Working with the cordless saw is pure pleasure.
The advantage of cordless devices is also trouble-free maintenance of the device. The Bosch Home and Garden series
allows the use of one battery for many devices, making this device even more universal. This model is compatible with all four batteries: 2.5 / 4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0 Ah. The battery charging time starts from 36 - 130 minutes and depends on the power of the charger and battery. However, depending on the capacity of the battery, the operating time is possible from 25 - 50 minutes.

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