cordless cultivator al-ko tl 1820 comfort bosch ho

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Цена без НДС
3 471 350 BYN
806 PLN


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Марка / модельcordless cultivator al-ko tl 1820 comfort bosch ho
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Mascus IDB210F543


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Цена без НДС3 471 350 BYN  (806 PLN)
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Дополнительная информация Do you dream of your own flower beds that you can easily prepare for growing your favorite vegetables and fruits? However, is the necessity to dig the soil by hand or ask your neighbor to drive his big tractor with a rotary tiller
into your garden and turn it upside down?
We have the perfect solution for this. Manual, light, cordless rotary cultivator
from AL-KO
. It will provide you with independence, silence and comfort of work. It will allow you to perfectly prepare the place for growing exactly where you need it, without damaging other plants already growing around.
Even with a small garden
, you no longer have to dream of nightmares about a day with a shovel and a fortune spent on a masseur saving your spine. The AL-KO TL 1820 Comfort Bosch Home & Garden
tiller will reign supreme in your garden, not only your vegetable garden, but also your lawn, a piece of which will need to be renewed.
How does a rotary tiller work and why should you use it? In order to enjoy a beautiful, dense lawn or great crops of vegetables and fruits, it is very important to properly prepare the soil
. These works are primarily to make it fluff, not to be too compact, but also not too light, in addition, it is necessary that it has an appropriate level of humidity and aeration. It is important to provide the right amount of nutrients that ensure the proper growth of plants. Nutrients include the humus content of the soil.
A rotary tiller
is a device that is designed to mechanically dig, crush and loosen the soil. Thanks to the operation of the tiller
, we can remove the old turf from the lawn, dig the soil, remove weeds, level the ground while preparing for a new lawn or vegetable crops.
Thanks to the 4 metal rotating blades, soil fragments are cut and crushed. The width of our work is 20 cm, and with the attached battery, we can work for 60 minutes on a single charge. Thanks to this, we obtain a properly prepared soil for subsequent works.
Effect? Abundant crops in your home garden and a uniform lush lawn after replacing old turf or withered grass.
Why is this device so universal? The AL-KO cordless tiller
belongs to the Bosch 18 V Home and Garden
series. Thanks to the Bosch 18 V Home and Garden system, you can work at home or in the garden without the need for electricity or gas. All you need is a battery and a charger from the Bosch 18 V Home and Garden system group, which are compatible with all devices of this series - regardless of the manufacturer of the device itself.

* The set includes: Battery charger for the Bosch Home & Garden AL-KO C50 Li 18V 3.0A battery and Bosch Home & Garden AL-KO B50 Li 18V 2.5 Ah battery S.C. Wojciech i Miłosz Początek
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