electric shredder al-ko mh 2500 slice

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Марка / модельelectric shredder al-ko mh 2500 slice
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Mascus IDA531F039


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Дополнительная информация If you've made it all the way here, it means that you feel overwhelmed by the branches in your garden. That is why we have the perfect solution for you! You don't have to look after the fire for hours to burn the branches after pruning trees and shrubs. Forget about clothes steeped in the smoke of the hearth and enjoy a much more enjoyable activity! The AL-KO branch shredder
is not only a recipe for branches lying in the corner of the garden and your bane after every spring cleaning. It's also the perfect way to get your own free wood chips! What are chips? About this in a moment.
Now let's take a look at what an AL-KO electric wood chipper actually is The shredder
, as the name suggests, is designed to change our previously cut branches into small pieces, creating a natural mulch for our plants or fertilizer. There are several types of shredders
, the AL-KO MH 2500 Slice
model features cutting knife technology. With their help, you will cut branches up to 40 mm thick in the shredder
. It is a very compact machine, small in size, but very economical due to the electric motor, ensuring high throughput.
To make it easier, it is worth leaving the branches to dry after cleaning in the garden, so that the material for shredding is dry. In this way, we will ensure even more economical and effective work.
The AL-KO MH 2500 Slice shredder
is equipped with a 2500W electric motor, which will easily handle your branches caught in the garden! In addition, a stable metal frame and transport wheels will definitely contribute to the comfort of work and the transport of the machine. The shredder
is equipped with a large 50 L collecting bag, thanks to which you will collect shredded material - chips.
This shredder
will be perfect wherever gardening is familiar to us and where spring and autumn cleaning is already a tradition! In the summer season, some plants also need to be cut, together with the AL-KO shredder
you will quickly deal with this task, as it is suitable for both thicker and thin branches and garden waste.
Let's move on to the advantages, because that's what we like the most! solid device with a powerful electric motor high efficiency and scope of work for branches with a diameter of up to 40 mm capacious bag for shredded material simple operation and care for our work safety finely divided material suitable for compost or for mulching a free method of obtaining material from your own garden for a substrate for subsequent plants and plantings, while getting rid of unnecessary branches. And finally - What are wood chips and why can they be so valuable in your garden? Chips
are wood particles with dimensions ranging from a few to several centimeters, they are produced by chipping wood with a chipper or shredder. The resulting material is an ideal natural fertilizer for your garden. You can sprinkle wood chips
on your flower beds or beds instead of coniferous bark suitable only for plants that like acid soil.
It is an ideal material to improve soil moisture, limit the growth of weeds, protect against excessive heating of the soil and sudden rains only flowing down the dried soil. Wood chips
are an ideal breeding ground for microorganisms, thanks to which they will decompose over time, providing our soil with valuable humus.
Isn't that the perfect recipe for a beautiful garden with a machine like the AL-KO MH 2500 Slice Electric Shredder?
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