PRE-SHREDER type PM 521 -HP 550 kW 404

Цена без НДС
4 320 057 410 BYN
215 000 EUR
Цена без НДС
4 320 057 410 BYN
215 000 EUR


КатегорияOther groundcare machine
Марка / модельPRE-SHREDER type PM 521 -HP 550 kW 404
Год выпуска2010
Страна местонахождения
Mascus IDE510A30B


Валюта цены
Цена без НДС4 320 057 410 BYN  (215 000 EUR)
НДС (20%)864 011 482 BYN
Цена с учетом НДС 5 184 068 892 BYN  (258 000 EUR)


Состояние (1-5)
КондицияOperates As Intended
Использование Уличный
Доп.оборудованиеWe offer other recycling technologies, if you are interested you can see more here:
Дополнительная информация We offer for sale a hydraulic PRE-SHREDDER type PM 521 -HP 550 (kW 404) with horizontal shafts, which ensures the solution of problems with the correct preparation of materials for filling the shredder. When applying this device to the process of processing iron scrap, the energy consumption of the shredder itself is significantly reduced, damage to hammers, iron plates and grates is reduced. The production capacity of small shredding plants is increasing to the level of shredders with a higher performance output and allows the processing of entire vehicles and packages.

Technical characteristics:

Manufacturer - Parfer Siti Spa Italy

Year of manufacture - 2010

Working chamber width - 2100 mm

Working chamber length - 2100 mm

Rotor shafts - 2 pcs (fast shaft, slow shaft)

Diameters of gears on the rotor shaft - 660 mm

Teeth on each wheel – 10 pcs.

CB-560-480 hydraulic motors - 4 pcs.

Pinball motor – 1 pc.

Production- 40-60 T/hod

Total weight 110 T

Number of hours of performance - 500

Price- 215 000,-Eur (see photo: price set by the manufacturer taking into account time and utility amortization).
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