Stiga sws 800 ge petrol sweeper

Цена без НДС
19 503 492 BYN
4 918 PLN
Цена без НДС
19 503 492 BYN
4 918 PLN


КатегорияOther groundcare machine
Марка / модельStiga sws 800 ge petrol sweeper
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Mascus ID15B688DE


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Цена без НДС19 503 492 BYN  (4 918 PLN)
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Складской номер219802532/ST1
Масса70 кг
Дополнительная информация Thanks to the possibilities of modern production of agricultural, gardening and communal machines, as well as the progress of technology, we can make our work easier and make it less strenuous and more automated. Machines used to maintain order in our surroundings, on the farm, as well as taking care of urban areas, play a very important role. For many farms or companies that care about cleanliness, machines that allow you to save time and obtain better efficiency of work are invaluable.
The Stiga SWS 800 GE petrol sweeper is definitely a machine worthy of attention. Anyway, if you managed to get here, it is a sign that you are looking for a machine that will do the hard and arduous work for you, and at an express pace. The Stiga petrol sweeper
is a machine that will be equally useful for cleaning paving, cement, asphalt and wooden surfaces. It will work where you want to remove leaves, grass, sand and even a thin layer of snow from the paved surface. This machine is ideally suited as compact equipment in smaller companies, where it is necessary to perform cleaning works.
In the winter season, after heavy snowfall, this machine undergoes a real transformation! From a compact sweeper, for which sand, leaves, dirt on the ankle are not terrible, the Stiga SWS 800 GE petrol sweeper
turns into a snow plow. Thanks to the purchase of a ploughshare, we can make a plow from our sweeper
that will save us after heavy snowfall. The Stiga
company therefore guarantees that you will not only spend time with this sweeper in the spring or autumn season, but also win the fight against snow together.
This machine is powered by a Stiga
SM70 combustion engine, it has a large rated power, as much as 4.4 kW. It is a pleasure to start the machine both in summer and winter, of course, the electric start-up of the machine is a huge advantage. The only thing left for us to do is press the "Start" button and enjoy the fired machine ready to work. The engine capacity is 212 cm3 and will provide sufficient power even in the most difficult conditions. The rotating brush with a diameter of 34.5 cm is made of high quality materials. The size of the brush allows us to reach 80 cm of working width. During operation, the cleaning brush rotates to sweep up any debris it encounters.
You can buy a tank for the sweeper
so that all the collected dirt goes straight to the container. This option is also helpful when we need to clear the area without leaving any small fractions. For your convenience, as well as the possibility of adjusting the work to given conditions, the sweeper has a function of adjusting the sweeping angle in three positions - 15 ° to the right, 0 ° straight ahead, 15 ° to the left. Changes are made using an ergonomic lever, located at the operator's hand.
The stability of the machine and traction as well as the guarantee of a sure track are ensured by large tires with a special tread. Two additional rubber drive wheels make it easier to drive the sweeper. Comfortable work will be ensured by an ergonomically shaped, soft handle, and its multi-stage adjustment allows you to adjust it to the user's height. In addition, the front LED lights will allow you to work even after dark, which is especially valuable in winter.
Such advantages will allow comfortable and pleasant work with the Stiga SWS 800 GE sweeper. S.C. Wojciech i Miłosz Początek
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