Stiga tornado 5108 w.

Цена без НДС
65 664 859 BYN
15 444 PLN
Цена без НДС
65 664 859 BYN
15 444 PLN


Марка / модельStiga tornado 5108 w.
Страна местонахождения
Mascus IDAC5A3C6B


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Цена без НДС65 664 859 BYN  (15 444 PLN)
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Складской номер2T1220481/ST2
Масса176 кг
Дополнительная информация Do you dream of a strong, reliable lawn tractor
, giving you maximum pleasure and minimum effort? This product is definitely for you! It is invaluable equipment that will accompany you at any time of the year. It will help you win in tall grass, and will not let you be late to work after heavy snowfall in winter. Are you fed up with seeing your neighbor relaxing on the terrace and his lawn looks amazing?
Surprise him! Discover the versatility
of lawn mowers and your lawn will look better. The Stiga
Tornado 5108 W lawn tractor is equipped with a 586 cm3 two-cylinder Stiga
ST 550 Twin combustion engine with a power of 10.80 kW at 2,800 rpm. The new design of the mower
's hood has given it a modern and attractive look, and thanks to the seat adjustment and ergonomic lifting steering wheel with a soft grip, mowing has become more enjoyable. The advantage of this model is the invaluable rear 20-inch wheel drive, which guarantees better traction during work. The Stiga
Tornado 5108 W lawn tractor can mow an area of up to 6,500 m2.
Do you like when one device has many functions? Then you will like the Stiga Tornado 5108 W lawn tractor
. In addition to the mulching function, the machine has a side discharge in addition to the mulching function. If the grass is too tall to be mulched, it is cut and thrown powerfully evenly from the right side of the tractor
. By selecting the mulching function, the grass fragments are trapped under the deck and chopped up, and then thrown with great air force onto the lawn. The grass decomposes over time, which is a natural fertilizer and fertilizes the soil.
The tractor
has a manual cutting height adjustment in 7 steps, from 25 to 80 mm, and the working width of the cutting knife is 108 cm. Not only large spaces, but also precise mowing around obstacles is possible with the Stiga Tornado 5108 W. The forward and reverse speed is regulated by foot, you do not need to stop or change gears, for even better turning. Thanks to a well-thought-out accessory exchange system, this garden tractor can be easily converted into a snowplow or a spreader.
What will ensure the comfort of working on the Stiga Tornado 5108 W: Comfortable, adjustable seat with shock absorption Functional steering wheel with soft grip Two 20-inch non-skid wheels Ample legroom for comfortable and quick mowing Seat with safety switch Plug that allows you to clean the chassis and knives 6 liter fuel tank Choose the reliable Stiga Tornado 5108 W tractor and become the king of your garden. Do you like this model, but are you looking for a tractor for smaller areas?
See the Stiga Tornado 398 which can easily cope with an area of 5,000 m2.

* The presented product is a new version of the previous model: Stiga Tornado 2108 HW
** Stiga charger and mulching insert sold separately. S.C. Wojciech i Miłosz Początek
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