flail mower with an outreach arm agf 160 with valv

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Цена без НДС
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14 755 PLN


Марка / модельflail mower with an outreach arm agf 160 with valv
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Mascus ID31D05DD4


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Складской номерAGF140WZ TRX
Дополнительная информация AGF22-N rear-side flail mower
Flail Mower with an outreach arm AGF 160 with valves

Due to its massive design and the heaviest flails, the AGF model flail-type mower is very well suited for professional municipal work. Hydraulically adjustable pull-out and tilting of the working module is perfect for mowing roadsides, ditches and slopes.


Mowing of all kinds of barrens

Mowing of roadsides

Mowing of green areas in cities

Maintenance of pastures, meadows and recreational scrubland areas

Mowing of green areas in parks

As a cleaning machine for horticulture and fruit farming

It can be used in urban areas without any problems because the number of thrown stones and their momentum is very limited

There is no need to collect mulched grass during lawn maintenance if this is repeated quite often

It can also work well in neglected areas where more stones, branches and other obstacles occur

The cut green material quickly turns into humus, and the old grass does not grow back so quickly

It has double protection against damage to the transmission: the flails bounce off a stable obstacle; the belts on the pulleys slip off if the resistance is too high

The gearbox is equipped with a unidirectional clutch

Simple design ensures reliability and low repair costs
Technical data:

Working width – 160 cm

Overall width – 188 cm

Mass – 540 kg

Minimum tractor power – 40 hp

Max. output – 1,6 ha/h

Max. speed – 10 km/h

reach of the arm - 220 cm (from the center of the tractor)

Number of V-belts – 3 pcs

Attached to the three-point hitch on the tractor (Category 2)

Driven by the PTO shaft mounted on the tractor, 540 rpm

Equipped with intersecting axis gear and clutch

Cutting elements: 14 flail of 1200 g each per Ø 16 screw

Adjustable mowing height

The mower is equipped with 2 valves: one to protect against uncontrolled falling of the machine and the other to tilt the machine whenever an obstacle is encountered

The mower has both sidewise shifting and tilting at an angle, and therefore it can also be used for mowing ditches (up to 60 degrees downwards), slopes and preliminary hedge cutting (up to 90 degrees upwards)

The tractor must be equipped with a 2-section hydraulic system connection
In addition, you can be certain that our company:

Provides a one-year guarantee

Offers servicing and spare parts
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