Sisis Rotorake MK5

Цена без НДС
116 137 479 BYN
45 000 DKK
Цена без НДС
116 137 479 BYN
45 000 DKK
Видео  Sisis Rotorake MK5


КатегорияOther groundcare machine
Марка / модельSisis Rotorake MK5
Год выпуска2021
МестоположениеReesink Turfcare DK A/S
Страна местонахождения
Mascus ID321E1D92


Валюта цены
Цена без НДС116 137 479 BYN  (45 000 DKK)
НДС (25%)29 034 370 BYN
Цена с учетом НДС 145 171 849 BYN  (56 250 DKK)


Год начала эксплуатации2021
Складской номерFS1052_GN
Состояние (1-5)
Количество владельцев1
Использование Уличный
Серийный номерFS1052+FS1093
ПриводНа одну ось
Мощность двигателя 4,78 кВт (6 л.с.)
Engine ManufacturerHonda
Страна производстваАнглия
Дополнительная информация 1 stk. SISIS ROTORAKE MK5 FS1052
# Power unit only, no reel, includes collector box
1 stk. Scarifying Reel (Thatch Removal) FS1093
# 1.6mm tungsten tipped, 20 mm spacing


Vejl. pris kr. 70.962,00 (excl. moms)

Auto Rotorake MK.5
The SISIS Auto Rotorake Mk 5 is a self-propelled heavy duty scarifier and de-thatcher for removal and control of thatch on fine and other quality turf. It is ideally suited to a range of applications from sports field maintenance, lawns and amenities. It can be used as a bowling green scarifier and a cricket scarifier for maintaining artificial pitches, bowling greens, croquet lawns, tennis courts, cricket pitches, golf courses, lawns and gardens.

Scarification is important to encourage germination and the Auto Rotorake Mk. 5 will serve all your scarifying needs including removal of lawn thatch to provide top class lawn treatment.

Its contra-rotating reel has specially designed tipping blades for clean, consistent cut and maximum thatch removal to ensure excellent lawn care when the time comes to scarify.

# Working width of 50cm (20ins).
# Cutting reel safety brake.
# Contra-rotating reel with specially designed tipped blades for clean, consistent cut and maximum thatch removal.
# Alternative blades for light scarifying.
# Optional Brush Reels, Rolaspike Reel.
# Depth of cut adjustment control is mounted on the handle to enable depth to be set whilst moving forwards.
# User-friendly, operator presence controls designed for maximum operator safety.
# Easy-fit collector box.
# 6.5hp petrol engine with independent drive to wheels and reel.
# Careful weight distribution, slick tyres and full differential ensure ease of turning and minimal surface marking.#
# Optional artifical surface Brush Reels

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